Continuing Education Classes

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 I am an NCBTMB Approved Provider of Continuing Education, ( Cert #411). All classes are approved as well. Class dates and sign up information are listed first.  Details on each class, along with information on what to bring, are listed after the class dates.

Spring 2019

I have 2 new classes that will be available in the Spring, Reciprocal Inhibition for the Lower body, and Reciprocal Inhibition for the Upper Body. Reciprocal inhibition can be added to any modality and only takes a few seconds. It releases muscle hypertonicity, allowing to to get into the deeper layers of muscles in a way that is much more comfortable for your client.

Each class will be 8 hours, cost for each class will be $160. As usual, I will be teaching at Monroe Aquatic center, just outside Charlotte.  More details later!


More details on each class:

Healing Plantar Fasciitis – 8 CE

This class is a revolutionary new approach to understanding and treating Plantar Fasciitis, utilizing three decades of clinical experience. Clients with Plantar Fasciitis who seek traditional treatments can spend between $200 – $3000 dollars in doctor’s visits, orthotics, physical therapy, and medications in the first year alone. How would you like to help them be pain free in 4-8 weeks? At a cost of $400 or less? This great class is almost 50% detailed hands-on treatment time. It’s a simple, extremely effective protocol you can use right away to help your clients get their lives back, and increase your bottom line, with minimal effort! This knowledge should be in everyone’s toolbox!

Effective Strategies for Low Back Pain – 8 CE

This covers quick, easy, and effective strategies for the most common causes of low back pain, This is a detailed course covering both direct and indirect anatomical structures that effect the function of the lumbar region. I strongly advise reviewing the relevant anatomy before class. Participants will gain a better understanding of lumbar structures, how they work together, and how dysfunction in particular area creates symptoms. Trigger point formation, and how that limits both muscle and fascial function is also covered. Neuromuscular Re-education of malfunctioning systems is included to reset and optimize muscle memory and function.

Effective Strategies for the Neck & Shoulder- 16 CE

This covers easy and effective strategies for the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain. We’ll cover antagonistic muscle systems, trigger points that cause proprioceptive issues, and get into Vladimir Janda’s Upper Crossed Syndrome, which is necessary for effective treatment of Forward Head Position. Also covered is basic palpation and assessment of frozen shoulder and rotator cuff damage. If you are taking this class, we will assume that you already have foundational trigger point knowledge, and that you know your upper body anatomy. Reciprocal Inhibition for pain relief and neuro-muscular re-education is used extensively. We advise reviewing the relevant anatomy before class.

Basic Orthopedic Muscle Testing – 8 CE

This class is more about assessment than treatment. It has a laser focus on using Orthopedic Muscle testing to improve your assessment skills, and ferret out the hidden accomplices to pain and dysfunction. This lets you design better, more effective treatment plans that allow you work smarter, hot harder. We are doing very little in the way of treatment in class, this is all about improving assessment skills, getting comfortable with the various tests, understanding when to use them, and what they mean, and how this information changes what you do. If you’re taking this class, I assume you already have some background in trigger point work, and neuro-muscular re-education.